The importance of niche in getting small business grants

August 29th, 2013

You probably already know that you can get funding money from angel investors, bank loans, VCs and even some of your friends. But what if all those ways are at the moment unavailable to you? Good news, there`s another one, you could get a government grant and that is if you want to start a non-profit organization. Sometimes for-profit companies get grants too, but there is a trick, you must really pick your niche to be able to get money from the government.

Anyone who got a small business grant will tell you that it is no child`s play. You got to do some research, prepare paperwork and do something that the government wants to encourage like regenerable energy. You need start something in the field of technology, medicine, scientific research, tourism, science, education and if you don`t fit the requirements you will simply not be accepted. So your niche is extremely important.

Moreover after you get a grant you will need to provide detailed reports on how you used the money. You must spend all the funds that were awarded to you otherwise they go back to the Treasury and you cannot touch them. You need to establish specific goals, present explain them and you need to carry out the plan exactly how you present it.

At this point you might even be wondering if it is worth the effort. Well, it is, getting free money should not be underestimated, but before you go ahead and apply for a grant do some research on grants.gov and other websites to see if you really are in the niche that is wanted by the government. If your business is not productive to the community or does not have the characteristic that are needed you will end up spending a lot of time without getting anything. In this case you might really want to consider the alternatives we talked about at the beginning of the article. So do your research, choose the right niche and create excellent documentation, but take into consideration getting money elsewhere also. Don`t put all your eggs in one basket.

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2 Responses to The importance of niche in getting small business grants

  1. I am interested to help learners in my area which is one of the previously disadvantaged area. The project already started, is helping them with maths, physics, accounting and english.the challenge we are faced wich is the resources. hoping that if getting a grant most of the challenges will turn to opportunities. The programmes are as follows:
    Maths grade4-12,Physics grade 10-12,Accounting grade10-12 and English grade 1-12.The learners that are helped are more than 200 and their parents don’t have enough in supporting the project to go further.Hoping that this summary will reach your recommendation.

  2. my name: mr elias batsheleni ngwenya i recide in the ekurhuleni region in ward 75 i have realized that between slovo park phace one ,two and welgedatcht we have problem of bakery around us.The was one in phace one but it had to chadown due to some financial constrained.so the poor guy did’nt even had a proper land to operate.so when we come in we would like to be provided by land and financies to buy and operate that bakery.All we will be doing it for our community because it will supply local communities and our chretches around the erea.

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