Simple rules to follow in order to get a grant

September 22nd, 2013

Writing grant proposals is an art. When you start writing one you need all the guidance and help you can get. You need creativity, experience and a lot of hands-on knowledge. Here are some rules that have proved themselves to be useful. They are gathered from hundreds of professionals who have both failed and succeeded in getting grants. You could learn something from their experience to increase your chances.

The first rule is to stand-out, but not to shock too hard. With your grant proposal you should aim to stand-out and get the attention of those who can offer grants. Fresh and original ideas are very welcome and you need to sound passionate about what you do. But if you are too speculative or present a too radical point of view you will lower your chances of getting a grant. People are just resistive to change and that is a fact.

Include enough background data. The best way to convince them that you need to do that work and that you are the best person to do it is to appear well-prepared and to show others that you understand the situation in its full magnitude. For some programs much of the work must basically be done before the grant is awarded. You will be able to use the funds for a following part of the program. If you have some preliminary results that is even better. Explain the results so they are easily understood. Explain that you have the technical background and the experience that are necessary for the work. Focus on how good you are for the project as much as you focus on the project itself.

Remember that they actually want to give the money away. The attitude that it is very hard to get the grant is most of the time wrong. Funding organizations really want to give the money away for a cause, but they are usually making some requests. If you address those requests specifically you have a greater chance of getting the grant. A common mistake is to offer a bundle of information, but not the kind that they are looking for.

Good luck in your pursuit!

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6 Responses to Simple rules to follow in order to get a grant

  1. Ours i a skill training & capacity development in coast community of Niger Delta region of nigeria. Is your grantforme did assi such a program. If so how can we Obtain one. Thanks,
    Jackson Otikor:
    Executive coordinator.

  2. Please Kindly send me the Organization that out to give grant to the applicant. Those that assist in education and building school.

  3. The information on how to apply for a grant has been nice and clear, may I clearly have an address of an organization that can fund a network that can facilitate and skill the members Silc(savings and internal lending communities)groups in business skills.(message by SILC PSP in Ntoroko district, Uganda)

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