Here`s what most people who don`t get grants forget to do

September 22nd, 2013

It`s hard to succeed and it is easy to mess up. The institutions that give out grants get thousands of applications and oftentimes they get them at the last minute. They have to go through them in record time and decide who gets a bunch of money. This is not at all easy so they developed a system that works.

The first part of that system is to check every application to see if it complies with the guidelines. If it doesn`t they just dismiss it and go on. And this is one of the fatal mistakes you can do, not follow the guidelines for submission to the letter. Getting rid of applications that are not up to par just saves the institution times and money and they want to work with people who are thorough anyhow. Get everything right, including the bibliographies and the budget justification documents. Make sure that you follow the length and format directions, especially as this is the first thing that is noticed.

What most people do wrong is that they try to write too much in their proposal and end up writing a long, incomplete and complicated proposal that nobody will enjoy to read. There will be an allotted page count, but you do not need to hit that count. You just need to say what you need to say as briefly as possible. Specify what your goal is and make sure that all the relevant information is included and that you don`t rely on supplements or send the reader to other websites for info. Don`t propose to do too much. You might be overly ambitious and want to do just a tad more than you could actually accomplish. More experience people will realize that and your proposal will be poorly rated and your chances of getting the grant will diminish severely.

When you are finished writing the proposal read it again is if you would read it from the shoes of someone who knows nothing about the project. Do you understand what the proposal is about? Does it seem realistic? Does the applicant seem to be passionate about the project? Never forget to re-read and correct your proposal.

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     Observing Grantees’ Activities and Implementation of Programme for which the grant availed, Monitoring & Evaluation and timely reporting as required by the Principals, as per the instructions of the Principals.

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