Four government grants to keep an eye on

August 28th, 2013

Never has college been as expensive as now. It is now a common thing not to afford it, but luckily there are all sorts of scholarships and grants that can get you out of trouble`s way. To get on the right track you must firstly go to the schools financial aid office and see what they can suggest in your particular situation. You will get an idea on what you need to do next, but meanwhile keep an eye on the following federal grants.

The Federal Pell grant can give you up to $5550 per year. It will not cover all your costs, but it is an aid that can matter a lot. You can apply for it if you are on the way of earning your bachelor`s degree and for 12 consecutive semesters. You can apply all year round for this grant.

The TEACH grant. If you want to become a teacher you have a way out of the financial trouble through the TEACH grant. You`ll get up to $4000 per year, but you`ll have to sign that you will practice teaching for four years. You will need to teach in fields that are lacking teachers at that point or in poor areas.

Iraq and Afghanistan Service Grants are aimed at students who lost a parent in the Iraqi and Afghanistani war. You might not be in this situation, but if you are under 24, enrolled in college and in this situation you might want to check it out.

FSEOG. This is a federal grant for which students who have not earned the bachelor`s degree can apply. You will need to demonstrate financial need and you can get small awards of a couple of hundred of bucks or up to $4000. It is good to be among the first who apply for this grant as there is a limited number of awards every year.

A short way out of financial trouble is through an application for a Federal Student Aid, in short FAFSA. Once registered you will be notified on the kind of grants you are eligible for. You can even get a loan and that is helpful too. Start applying early on to maximize your chances and don`t forget about institutional grants that can be a great source of free money.

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