Being realistic about the grant application process

September 22nd, 2013

You will have many expectation from your proposal and it is easy to lose sight of your real chances and what you need to focus on the most when you are this involved and when you spent so much time trying to do everything right.

In order to get a sense of what you need to do always remember that the reviewers are people too and that they will need to review many grants in a short amount of time. They will probably not be experts in your field, may not do this with great pleasure and could easily miss a point if it is buried in the text. Make it easy for them to understand everything.

Don`t be too official. You can use some clean humor, human interest and even historical perspectives to make everything more easy to grasp. Use formatting tricks and start each section with a summary of the core message.

Don`t create the proposal at the last minute, just before the deadline. Leave yourself some time to review the work and to get feedback from other people. It is also good to take some time and do some research. You could, for example, try to know your grant administrator at the institution that is funding your grant. Talk to them on the phone, go to meetings and make sure that they understand what your project is about. They do have some discretionary power over what project their institution will fund. If you can try to get the experience of being a reviewer of grants before you apply for one, you will understand the process better and this will help you later.

Finally, understand that you might get rejected and that it happens even to the best project out there so respond to it correctly. Respond with facts to criticism and when you re-submit the work make sure that you understood what was wrong the first time. If you can show the reviewers exactly how you fixed the problems. Arguing with anybody will never do you any good so try not to do it.

You will be emotionally involved with the project, but try to keep your mind clear and take the rational decisions at all times. Good luck!

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9 Responses to Being realistic about the grant application process

  1. saneliso ndlovu says:


  2. Canon says:

    I am a Masters’ student at Uganda Martyrs University. I am writing my 2nd year. It is my request for a grant for the fees for this academic year. The requested amount is $1400.
    Please help.

  3. Prabhakararao Yalla DVPJ says:

    Hello, I am looking for a grant to develop the existing my school and for the children who are in needy.Please help.The requested amount$50000,
    per year

  4. Sr.Petronilla Mukohi says:

    Hello I am looking for a grant to build the spiritual center for sisters and others people. Please help. The requested amount $ 150000,

  5. anah says:

    im need grant for me to help me to live a good life and buy healthy food because im HIV

  6. Sentamu Amisi says:

    Iam called Sentamu Amisi, Coordinator of a CBO called Youths Aid and Actions Uganda. Our head quarter is based in BUDAKA District, in Eastern part of Uganda as a country.lam a graduate of development studies and A certificate in guidance and social Counseling all from Muteesa 1Royal University.Kampala -Uganda. (office line +256779661955, +256751981197) . After along analysis and observation on the lives of many youth in Uganda and local communities they live including their needs and privations. The initiators therefore resolved to set up A social centre for skills training and Development to help youth to access job marketing for the survival of their families, Our main objective is to reduce the ambitions of the youth to immigrate illegally to the countries of Europe and America.The letter therefore seek for partnership and at the same time requisition of assistance for purchase of tools and Materials to be used in Carpentry, Tailoring, Computer Application, Hair dressing and cutting among others,totaling to 5000$ for the beginning.we hope this request will reach your attention and we would be happy to have you as our partners with whom we share together the challenges of the youths in Uganda.Best regards.

  7. suama blasius says:

    by suama

    i need a grsnt to helped me ,my chidren my niece ,my mother turned 86 of ages ,my who is blindness for 17 years and he turned 98 of ages in order to assisting us in hard situation life.

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