Terms of Use
April 15th, 2013

Basic terms

You are responsible for the use of the services, content that you post and any consequences that can arise. You may use the services and products only if you accept all of them and not only a part. The services and products that we provide may continually change without prior notice. The services can include ads, queries or other information. You agree that our website and its third-parties may add such ads on the services or that are in connection with the information from the services.


Any information provided to us is subject to our Privacy Policy Statement that governs our use of information. The use of the services that we offer is with your consent to the collection and use of the information. Besides providing you with the services and products, we can also provide announcements, ads or administrative messages.

Copyright Policy

As we respect the intellectual property rights of others, we expect our users to do the same. Please notify us if you encounter an infringement related to copyrights.

We reserve the right to delete the content that is infringing without previous notification, without liability to you. We may also terminate an account if the user breaches the terms.

Disclaimer and Limitation of Liability

The access and use of the services and the content of this website is at your risk. We do not take responsibility for any liabilities or losses that may occur from the use of the information provided here. Also, the information that we provide shall not be regarded as legal advice. Its only purpose is for information and personal use.

Entire Agreement

These terms represent the full agreement between your, the user of the website and our company. These terms replace any previous agreements between you and us regarding the services. From time to time we may revise these terms and replace older ones. By continuing to access or even use the services that we provide you agree to be bound to the revised terms of use.

8 Responses to Terms of Use

  1. Hi sir

    I am running a school in rural area and i want
    grant for poor students who can not buy books and dress . How can i get a grant for my society.

  2. Hi sir

    I have a group of school going age children in my community. However, their parents and guardians find it very difficult to pay school fees and scholastic materials. May you come to our rescue.

  3. I am a parish chief who tries my best for my people who are challenged by difficulties of water, health shelter and drought. how can you be of help. am from Uganda

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