August 27th, 2013

If you are out there looking for an education grant you need to start with understanding the process of grants, who is giving them out and why they do it. First off all you need to understand that you are not really receiving money for free, you do have to do some work for it even if it is only applying and getting elected by meeting the qualifications.

Secondly you need to understand who is giving these free grants and how they are categorized. You can generally get money in the form of scholarships, grants, low-interest or interest-free loans or in the form of housing, books or other expenses paid. Scholarships are given for something you have done, like getting good grades, or something that you can do and promise to get better at, like being a great baseball player.

Grants are a bit different as you can get them just for being in a though financial point and loans mean that you will eventually have to pay those money back at some point.

You`ll find different names for all this free money. Some call them grants, other call them awards or bursaries and even prizes, but what really matters in the beginning is if they are giving it away for merit or on a need basis.

Merit-based scholarships are given to encourage talents and that means that the pupil that gets the highest results, good GPA scores or the highest marks in a field, can get a scholarship no matter the financial situation of the family. So it does not matter if you are on a budget or wealthy, if you can prove you get results, you can get the scholarship.

Grants are the opposite. You don`t have to be the best kid in class, they are given based on the financial need. You just need to be accepted at the college and pass the results, but if you can prove you need the money you can get it. Companies and universities give these grants from their funds to help those in need. Learn the difference between these two types of free money and pack up the courage to apply every time.

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