January 28th, 2013

One of the most important parts in a grant proposal is the needs statement in which you explain why you need the money. Any organization or private individual interested in offering a grant will be extremely curios to know how you are going to spend their hard-earned (or not) money.

To make sure you have this part covered you need to pay attention to some essential aspects like creating a great grant funding timeline. The timeline is basically a schedule for the activities and events that will take place when you get the grant. You will need to include the dates when they will start and when they will end and you have to give several details about them. Include the key tasks that must be completed in order to implement your program.

Make sure you make a realistic assessment of the time you need in order to push the project forward. How will you know when you have succeeded? Include some sort of evaluation methods in the chart and generally in your application.  Let the investors know who will be in charge and who will supervise all the activity making sure that the tasks will be completed.  A good project timeline will convince the investors that you know what you are doing and that in fact the only thing that stops you from starting right away is the money.

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