August 27th, 2013

There are so many types of grants that it may be hard to grasp and understand all of them. But you don`t need to. What you need to figure out early on about each type of grant is what it covers. You need to know this because you have to apply for the right grant according to your situation. You could be going ahead and putting your energy on one grant when another one could cover more costs and could be non-refundable.

There are three main types of grants. You have the maintenance grant, the fee grant and the postgraduate contribution. The postgraduate grant is usually received after a means test and it means a flat rate that you get each month for a period of time, but you might be more interested in the other types of grants for the moment.

Maintenance grants will usually cover your living costs. That means that you will get money for accommodation, food and a little something extra that will be enough to buy the few necessary items you could not live without, but you will probably need to find additional sources of money as well. How much you receive depends on each institution. The maintenance grant will not necessarily cover the University fee.

The fee grants are usually very sought after. They can cover all or part of the student contribution and that means thousands of dollars you don`t have to give back in the end. It may also cover the costs of some field trips that are required and a part of the tuition fees or all of them.

You may aim to qualify for the maintenance grant because that means that you will probably qualify for the some fee grant elements as well. Students that qualify for fee grants do not always qualify for maintenance grants though. The trick here is not to be discouraged and to apply to all kind of grants you might qualify for. Prepare the documentation with great care and make some research to find out how much the accommodation will be and what daily living costs you might expect so you know how to plan your near future.

August 27th, 2013

If you are in a difficult point in your life right now and you need financial help to stay in the community or to look after someone in your family who is ill or in trouble a community grant might be the kind of support you could use. This is an allowance that you get for a determined time in order to help you get through the difficult times.

There is a limited amount of money available for these situations, but you can have a good chance if you can convince the Social Services that you are priority and that you really need the help. You need to fill out all the forms correctly and not ask for too much and also to be able to justify the sum that you are asking for. You can even ask for small amounts that will take care of some travel expenses that you need to cover in order to visit someone ill, on the deathbed or to attend a funeral.

You can also apply for this type of grant if you are leaving and institutional care. You will need help to start living independently, but start applying for the grant a few weeks before you are released so you can get the money right after you are released.

You can use the grant to cover for essential furniture and bedding, household equipment, for clothing, shoes, removal expenses and utilities. You can`t pay for rent in advance, but you might get it to pay for rent that is due.

The amount that you are going to receive depends a lot on your situation and on your need. Someone from the institution will assess your case, study the documentation and talk to you and a sum will be set for you to receive. The amount you will receive is dependent on your age also.

If you are already getting some kind of income support you can still get a community grant and other types of help that you are getting will not be affected by this grant. It is important to know that you don`t need to repay the community care grants and that even if you are rejected the first time, you can try again so if you feel you could benefit from it prepare the documentation or contact the Social Fund and apply.

August 27th, 2013

Community grants are aimed at those who need some sort of financial help in order to live independently in a community. Is a type of help for those who are in trouble or have a lot of pressure on their family and need temporary support to get back on their feet. This type of grant is non-refundable, so you don`t have to pay it back if you get it.

There are quite strict rules about who can get this type of grant. You can get it if you are already receiving Income Support. You might be getting a job-seeker allowance or a state pension credit and you will be eligible for this type of grant. You can even go ahead and apply for this type of grant if you know you are eligible to get some sort of income support in the next five or six weeks.

Grants are offered to people who move out of institutional and residential care in order to live independently in a community. In this type of situation a period of accommodation is needed so you will be provided support. If you had a bad time in your life and you are moving to a new home you might get a grant. If you have been helped by the Salvation Army, the Women`s Aid community or by a similar community to get back on your feet you might be able to get this grant.

They also offer this grant if you haven`t been in an institution, but you might get there if you do not get this help. If you are in a hard time and need to visit someone who is ill, attend the funeral of someone who is your relative, or if you are taking care of someone who is ill you will be able to get this type of grant.

In the documents for the application you will need to describe the situation you are in. If you are confronted with a long-term illness or there is a major breakdown in your family you could also be getting this help from the government. Even if you are not sure if you meet the conditions, you should still apply, any help you can get is useful.

August 27th, 2013

When you are searching for a business grant you have more than one option. If you only go to grants.gov you will see you have plenty of options and there are also the local foundations and even angel investors who will be willing to help. But for all these grants you will need to submit an application. To make things easier and be able to apply for several grants you need to prepare excellent documentation and especially the one that is going to overlap.

First of all you have the application form. They will all ask for basically the same type of info so just study two or three and gather the information you need in a document to help you file applications more rapidly.

Secondly you have the business plan. This will be required at every application as the foundations will like to understand what you will be developing and how you will sell it. Create an excellent business plan and have it proofread and ask a friend to look over it and identify the weak points.

The letters of recommendation can be reused. Try to get up to five good letter of recommendation. Make sure that they are from important people in the community. Choose successful businessman or community members and just go and ask for a recommendation telling them what it is for. Read the requirements of each grant and see if there are any special issues regarding how the letters should be written.

Create a business proposal that you can personalize. For each grant you will need to submit a business proposal and you will need to personalize it, but you can start from a template that underlines why your business is the best choice for the grant.

Create good financial documents. You will need to show you estimated budgets and financial statements and you will need to prove that you will be able to handle the money in a smart way. Build a strong budget and argument every point you make. Have this documentation ready for each of the applications.

Once you`ve created all the materials make sure you proofread them and check the facts. If you get all this info down correctly in the first application you will be able to use it again with small changes in the next one making you task much easier.

August 27th, 2013

The bootstrapping concept can get you only so far. If you really want to grow your business beyond dreams you need some cash and there are ways to get it even if you are just in the beginning with your business or haven`t sold thousands of products. They are called business grants and are offered by various institutions and even by the government to help you grow your business.

Now, depending on where you are you will have access to different types of grants, but there are some types that are available all over. Here they are:

  1. The grants offered by the U.S. government research and development funds offered to businesses that activate in research and development. You have a good chance of grabbing one of these grants if you work on an environmental project. Go to grants.gov for more info and use the search too to identify grants
  2. Grants for green product development. If you want to start a business, but don`t know exactly what, picking up the green product field can be a good idea as there are several grants available. Most countries will offer grant or at least subsidize your efforts in building renewable energy or products that will reduce pollution or be more productive while polluting less.
  3. Special grants for business women. There is a general tendency to encourage entrepreneurship among women as for some reason men tend to start more businesses. Some foundations like the WomensNet offer small grants of up to $1000 to help you start a business. It is not a hugely large sum, but it can help you get on your feet.
  4. Local foundations. Most cities have foundations that will be eager to fund interesting ideas. The Idea Café Small Business Grant Program or the Intuit Love a Local Business program are good examples of grants that you could access. When you search for grants try to narrow the search down to your city or your area and you may have a pleasant surprise.

As in all types of grants it helps if you can prove that you have started somehow on the way of making money or that you have a valid idea. Don`t forget that when you prepare your pitch.

August 27th, 2013

There are plenty of students complaining that there are not enough scholarships out there. The truth is that there are plenty, you just need to go after them and know who is going to offer them. The second important reason why you need to know who is given out the scholarship and I mean specifically, exactly who, is because you need to step into their shows and write and application that will meet their exact requirements and that will make you stand out.

The government gives out scholarship and it does it as a part of a larger policy of aiding people and they focus more on numbers, so what you need to do is to fill out all the data correctly and apply to as many as possible. A personalized application won`t do much good in this field.

Colleges and institutions also give out money, but they will spend a lot more time in making sure that they award the money to someone who deserves it. Colleges will give money to students that show good grades, because they want good students in their classrooms. They want distinguished alumni so that they will get better donations from them and the corporations that will later hire them. These awards are intended to generate money in the future, so your strategy should be to convince them that you will work hard and have a brilliant future. That you aim to work for a prestigious company or even that you aim to start something of your own.

Other sources of free money are institutions and individuals and they do it in order to help the society and they will look into the application, so your aim is to underline how much the grant will help you to create a good future for yourself. Mention how generous they are and how much a difference they will make through their grant.

Some institutions give grants in order to promote a certain field and you are the perfect candidate for these grants if you are really interested in that field and you can prove it. For example if an institution offers a grant in chemistry you should underline your love for the subject and your future plans in advancing in this domain.

Some grants are a combination of promotional, helping and disinterested and you need to learn more about the institution that offers them in order to find an angle of approach that will make you stand out. The bottom line is that you need to actively think about the motives of each institution and to actively search for individuals, colleges and institutions that might have money to give for free.

August 27th, 2013

If you are out there looking for an education grant you need to start with understanding the process of grants, who is giving them out and why they do it. First off all you need to understand that you are not really receiving money for free, you do have to do some work for it even if it is only applying and getting elected by meeting the qualifications.

Secondly you need to understand who is giving these free grants and how they are categorized. You can generally get money in the form of scholarships, grants, low-interest or interest-free loans or in the form of housing, books or other expenses paid. Scholarships are given for something you have done, like getting good grades, or something that you can do and promise to get better at, like being a great baseball player.

Grants are a bit different as you can get them just for being in a though financial point and loans mean that you will eventually have to pay those money back at some point.

You`ll find different names for all this free money. Some call them grants, other call them awards or bursaries and even prizes, but what really matters in the beginning is if they are giving it away for merit or on a need basis.

Merit-based scholarships are given to encourage talents and that means that the pupil that gets the highest results, good GPA scores or the highest marks in a field, can get a scholarship no matter the financial situation of the family. So it does not matter if you are on a budget or wealthy, if you can prove you get results, you can get the scholarship.

Grants are the opposite. You don`t have to be the best kid in class, they are given based on the financial need. You just need to be accepted at the college and pass the results, but if you can prove you need the money you can get it. Companies and universities give these grants from their funds to help those in need. Learn the difference between these two types of free money and pack up the courage to apply every time.

January 28th, 2013

One of the most important parts in a grant proposal is the needs statement in which you explain why you need the money. Any organization or private individual interested in offering a grant will be extremely curios to know how you are going to spend their hard-earned (or not) money.

To make sure you have this part covered you need to pay attention to some essential aspects like creating a great grant funding timeline. The timeline is basically a schedule for the activities and events that will take place when you get the grant. You will need to include the dates when they will start and when they will end and you have to give several details about them. Include the key tasks that must be completed in order to implement your program.

Make sure you make a realistic assessment of the time you need in order to push the project forward. How will you know when you have succeeded? Include some sort of evaluation methods in the chart and generally in your application.  Let the investors know who will be in charge and who will supervise all the activity making sure that the tasks will be completed.  A good project timeline will convince the investors that you know what you are doing and that in fact the only thing that stops you from starting right away is the money.

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January 28th, 2013

Almost anyone can apply for grants, but the reasons most of the people fail is because they do not take the time to prepare before applying. Creating a great proposal, making sure all the data is correct, finding the right grants, all these things are crucially important.

Before applying for a grant make sure follow these simple steps:

1. Research the types of grants. There are multiple types of grants and one can be better for you than another. The beauty about grants is that you don`t have to give the money back, but you do have to meet specific criteria and qualifications in order to get one. There are federal grants given by a government agency, private grants offered by a foundation or corporation, public charity grants, individual grants, non-profit grants and sponsorship grants.  Private and individual grants are generally easier to get as there is less bureaucracy and you often have to convince just one or two people that you have something good in your hands.

2. Create a database of grant sources. You will soon see that actually finding excellent grants is a rather complicated process which requires some research so make sure you start building your database of grants or of websites that regularly publish grants.

3. Create a detailed plan on how you are going to spend the money you are asking for. You will have to match this plan with the expectations and requirements of the organization or individuals offering the grant, but it is better if you have something that you prepared beforehand and which just needs some modifications.

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