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April 16th, 2013

Have a great project and need money? Have a great business plan set up but still don’t get the funds that you need?

Apply for a grant! As simple as that. We are here to help you get it in the fastest, easiest and best way for you.

We are a team of experts that will help you overcome your fears and weaknesses, offer you valuable advice and insights that will help you achieve this goal.

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29 Responses to About Us

  1. please i have this dream of empowering the less priviledged in the society as an African woman and a Nigerian who is also a widow, i am 49yrs old
    i have been battling with how i can raise funds to buy an oil expelling machine from India and to set up a small oil refinery to work along with the local community, but all efforts proved abortive, have tried getting contracts no contacts.
    i just need $250,000 to buy the land, have all the processes done, the cost of the machines with and other necessities
    i have my bank statement any investor can look at, that is to say,i have been working hard in the area of financing the less priviledged with school fees, settling health bills, rents, feeding and so on it is with that i felt i should go out there and look for grant anywhere possible to touch lives that is just why i need my own grant nothing more nothing less.
    i stop here to get your response and i must say i am happy entering this site
    kind regards,
    Aisha Mustapha

  2. I am supporting an early childhood education project in Kenya. I have managed to build four classrooms for the children through my personal contribution and from friends. I need about $15,000 to complete the classroom (plastering wall, fixing doors & windows and and painting e.t.c. The school is a community project for children whose parents cannot afford to pay for their education.
    Could you link me with anybody or charity interested in funding such a project to assist in completing the classrooms. I can provide details on request plus pictures of the project.
    How do i submit a proposal for a grant?
    Keep up the good work.

  3. Dear sir/Madam,

    Thank you for the good work your doing helping others. We small organisation registered as CBO in uganda Soroti. We support women living with HIV/AIDS, Widows, Child mothers and Street Children. We focus on Food security, vocational training, peace and reconciliation,disaster relief and water and sanitation in the rural areas. We are challenged with funds and we hop that, you can support us with getting some funding. Your help ans support will be highly appreciated.
    Best regards,
    Van Eden

  4. please this a community project which would affect over 1000 persons. kindly consider funding it.

  5. Dear Sir/Madam,
    I am working with non profit Organization in Ghana known as Hope for Africa Mission. Our focus is on social transformation to the rural people in their respectful communities such as education, Support for Orphans and the vulnerable children and their families and health care in the rural communities. I am less resource and funds to do it. I therefore wish if you could assist me with your grant to support this great vision.
    Pastor Charles Dagore

  6. Thanks to you all the management in charge of turning the lives of people please my problem is that I ve gotten admission into university in Ghana and needed assistance.will also join the group should I finished my education.

  7. Congratulations for the good work u are doing to empower people financially. I am a businesslady. Have a poultry keeping project which is still on but not to my expectations. Need a loan to support my business. This will enable me support my children in school, sisters and brothers who are in school and I meet my daily duties effectively. Then I will pay the loan as per the terms and conditions. How do i get communicate with u for further explanation? Kindly assist. With thanks.

  8. Dear Sirs,

    Please i have already posted my inquiry of grants. Please help me to raise this grant in a short time .

  9. I am a teacher by profession in ghana. I am offering my service in a rural area, a farming community. I have this dream of helping my pupils understand the subject I teach,that is ICT but we have no computers to engage in any practical work. This has made the understanding of the subject so difficult. We will therefore appreciate it if you can support us in anyway.

  10. Hey everyone
    am Asaph aturinda lives in south western Uganda at lake bunyonyi founder of Open Hearts Community Project. I work with widowed women, less privileged kids, orphans and Needy. with in 3 years of service have been able to support women with 27milk Goats with support from friends, we are running a school of 56kids from disadvantaged families. our classrooms are poor and we would like to have a support with a grant of $25,000 to construct class rooms. we welcome any donation to feed poor families. sponsoring a kid, donating a milk goat, sports wears, and visiting our project. Hope this site will us achieve our Dream.

  11. am journalist from Uganda in Adjumani district am seeking for support for funding of my project of constructing modern boarding secondary school in my village which has been lucking in my district where people in the district travels thousands of miles in search of good school so I would like to come in through well wishers out there to support my idea for the community in developing country like this one of Uganda and much less where the service delivery hardly reaches the area.

  12. We are a team of church work to help all membres ne able to serve God we need order mini-bus japan for transport please may assist us with 17.000usd here DRCongo

  13. we are a registered company looking for funds to grow our business bigger and be able to provide jobs our business has attracted a lot of support and buying power but we unfortunately lack funds to certisfy all our clients we are currently having back orders ot mot less than R550 000 AND WE HAVE A PROJECTION PLAN OF MAKING IT BIGGER SHOULD WE BE ABLE TO SUPPLY ALL OUR CLIENTS so your assistance regarding this matter will be highly appreciated.

  14. I must confess am really happy that some people create this type of site so as to assist anyone with a project. As you all know Africa is faced with some many shortcomings. the project I really want to embark on is making of canals so that water will easy flow when rainfalls. we have the problem of erosion each time rainfalls. I will be terribly grateful for your kind gesture if am easily granted the request without much ado, thanks.

  15. Hello sir/madam am called Ariho Fedinand from uganda, Executive director of NGO call precious body of adolescent foundation aimed at empowering the adolescent both spiritually and financially to produce better adults so would request for support interms of finance
    request guidance on how to apply for it

  16. I\’ve been running a private school for under privileged with low school fees in the offinso district of Ashanti in Ghana.Funding for the school has been a headache. I need to prop up the school to appreciable level. In need grant support to complete this project for the good of these children. I shall furnish further details in the course of time. Keep up the good works. Regards

    • Hello,

      As much as we would have wanted to contribute financially we can not because we are not in charge of offering grants. Our mission is to keep people informed about scholarships.

  17. I sincerely thank God for yours
    notable service, I appreciate.
    I am 36 year old man, developed an idea, to build what I called Ogoni museum, in the traditional headquater of ogoni people, Bori, Rivers state, pNigeria. The museum will house; a hotel, mini-zoo, gymnaseum, cottage hospital, supermarket & boutique,a rendeszvour, tourism villa. l have actually acquired 5 hecters of land for this projects, I therefore appeal to your noble organization for more fund to enable me complete it, then set for business. Pls keep on the good work, Thank you. Mr Chris Ziiboo

  18. I am Okello Robert a pastor who is interested in transformation of vulnerable groups of people in the church to realise their academic,economic and spiritual empowerment.I need some money for bible translation into braille and develop a plot aquired through local fundraising

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